Why You Should Follow the Copyright Rules

Lots of people copy things they really shouldn't. It's not OK, because when someone writes something creative, or makes a drawing or a painting or a song, or takes a picture or a video, or whatever kind of art they make, they really should get the credit for it. And they should get the money for it if it's being sold.

The other thing is that creators don't want their art to be changed or used in a way that makes them look bad or says things they don't agree with.

So follow the Rules and be friendly and respectful to creators by not copying their stuff when they haven't given you permission to do that.

Like... don't copy ME! I know I'm cute and everything, but I'm part of the "branding" of Kids and Caboodles, and I need to be kept just for that.

What you CAN copy

Now, there are some things on this site that you can copy as many times as you want -- but still, not to sell and not to change.

Here's what we mean: right now we've got the first Standikin on the site, and it's made to be copied and coloured and cut out. But the copyright still belongs to the creator, Marian Buchanan, and that means you're NOT allowed to sell it or do anything that makes people not know who the real creator is. Obviously, you can let people know that you're the one who coloured it, but don't change the words where it says the copyright and website address.

Deal? Deal!