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by Spikey

posted on June 9, 2011 in Spread the Word!

Hello, kids! Spikey here.

Kids and Caboodles is still pretty new, so not a lot of people know about it yet. Want to help spread the word? You can tell everyone you know... and even people you don't know! Here's how:

Word of mouth

(Isn't that a funny expression?)

Just tell your friends and family when you see them, like "Hey! I found a new website that's going to have some great stuff on it. It's kidsandcaboodles.com. Right now they have a free Standikin you can colour and cut-out" (and then you can explain what a Standikin is).

Hand it out

If you want to have a piece of paper to give people to make it easier, print out copies of the flyer. (That's a PDF file. It's a sheet of 4 mini-flyers - just print out the sheet and cut in 4 along the dotted lines.) This would be a great way to spread the news to your neighbours, teacher, or homeschool group.

Be a walking billboard!

If you happen to be wearing a Kids and Caboodles T-shirt, you don't even need to say a word, the T-shirt says it for you, wherever you go! Or a hat or tote-bag... or let your dog do the job for you!

Here's some other cool stuff

There are also some other cool Zazzle products you can get with the Kids and Caboodles logo on them: key-chains, mugs, notecards -- even iPad covers and mouse-pads and skateboards! ( -- and a lot more: we have a whole Kids and Caboodles store on Zazzle).

So if you like Kids and Caboodles or its logo and want some cool stuff with that design, there's plenty to choose from. And anyone who sees you using them will be able to find out about Kids and Caboodles too, thanks to you! Isn't that a nice way to share good news?

(Oh, and "Thanks!" if you do!)

Your friend Spikey

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