About us

The Host

Hi! I'm Spikey, the Caboodle Kid. I'll be your host sometimes when there's something to tell you about, if Marian doesn't do it first.

The Creator

Hello! If you're wondering who is behind this website and its plans for caboodles of fun activities for kids, that would be me, Marian Buchanan. I'm an artist, children's book illustrator, web designer, and for a long time I was also a homeschooling mom. My kid's all grown up now, but -- lucky for you -- I still enjoy making fun things for kids to do!

The Creatures

And I'm Boopity, the first ever Standikin! You can have a Standikin friend just like me, if you want. Just download, print, colour, and cut out my Standikin look-alike.

Oh, and will you let me know its name and tell me about where you send it on adventures? I'd like it if you'd send some pictures of your Standikin, to share on this website!