A “Mandala” to Colour

by Marian

posted on July 30, 2018 in Colouring Sheets

Color Your Way to Serenity with Mandalas - p.9
Right-click on the preview image and Save the Link Location to your computer to print and colour!

What is a "mandala"? Well, to explain what a real mandala is, I'd have to explain what meditation is, and Hinduism, and Buddhism, and deities. Maybe you can ask your favourite grown-up to help you find out more about those if you want to know what a real mandala is. (You might find out, for instance, that it's supposed to be pronounced more like MON-duh-luh, not like man-DAH-lah). For now, I just want to say that this picture that I made is not really a mandala.

But people usually call it a mandala, maybe because it's a round drawing, like real mandalas usually are, and can be used for meditation too. So I call it a mandala too, just so people who are looking for this kind of drawing can find this one.

I think it's more like a kaleidoscope design, don't you? But "kaleidoscope" is a big word -- harder to read and spell -- and "mandala" is a shorter one. Which word do you want to use?

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