Any fun stuff for kids here?

Crafts and games and activities, oh my!

Hello! I'm Spikey! I'm your host on the Kids and Caboodles site, where there will be lots of fun things for kids to do: crafts, games, and even some fun activities for Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic. (My friend Boopity pointed out that they call them the 3 R's even though they don't all start with R. Funny, huh? I made the R's big just to show you where the R's are. Boopity gave me the idea.)

Free downloads for kids!

Here's the stuff we have so far:

We'll be adding more as time allows -- and you're welcome to send us your requests, too! (There's nothing like a little positive feedback to keep us motivated!)

So... come on in — and have fun!