Boopity’s Welcome

by Spikey

posted on June 3, 2011 in Spread the Word!, Standikins

Boopity wants to be the one to introduce us, so I'll step aside and let Boopity speak:

Here's a message from Boopity

Hello! I'm Boopity! I'm here to welcome you to the Kids and Caboodles site, where there will be lots of fun things for kids to do: crafts, games, and probably some activities for Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic (they call them the 3 R's even though they don't all start with R -- isn't that funny? I made the R's big just to show you).

Since we're just starting out, I'm the only one here so far (except for the hosts, that is). I'm the model for the first ever Standikin!

What's a Standikin? Well, my creator, Marian Buchanan, explains it all in her post about Flat Stanley, Flat Travelers... and now Standikins!

You can have a Standikin friend just like me, if you want. Just download, print, colour, and cut out my Standikin look-alike.

Oh, and will you let me know its name and tell me about where you send it on adventures? I'd like it if you'd share some pictures we could put on this site!

You can also participate in the Standikin Caboodle!

...Okay, now you're probably wondering, "what's a Caboodle," right? Well, it's basically a Group -- kind of like a club. You'll see what I mean if you go to the Caboodles page...

So come on in, check it out — and have fun!

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