A caboodle is a group -- you can think of it as a kind of club.

Would you like to join our Standikin Caboodle?

You can participate by hosting someone's Standikin or sending your own Standikin to visit a fellow caboodler. Contact us to find out more. the Standikin Caboodle. */ ?>

What about a Games Caboodle?

Get some friends together to play a bunch of Foodoku and Wari games with all our free downloads, and you'll have yourselves a party. Make it a regular event and you'll have yourselves a Games Caboodle!

Don't have a lot of friends yet? Organize a Games Caboodle event at your library or community centre and maybe you'll make new friends!

Feel free to send us your requests for more downloads of your favourite games or tell us what new games you'd like to see.