Spread the Word!

by Spikey

posted on June 9, 2011 in Spread the Word!

Hello, kids! Spikey here.

Kids and Caboodles is still pretty new, so not a lot of people know about it yet. Want to help spread the word? You can tell everyone you know... and even people you don't know! Here's how:

Word of mouth

(Isn't that a funny expression?)

Just tell your friends and family when you see them, like "Hey! I found a new website that's going to have some great stuff on it. It's kidsandcaboodles.com. Right now they have a free Standikin you can colour and cut-out" (and then you can explain what a Standikin is).

Hand it out

If you want to have a piece of paper to give people to make it easier, print out copies of the flyer. (That's a PDF file. It's a sheet of 4 mini-flyers - just print out the sheet and cut in 4 along the dotted lines.) This would be a great way to spread the news to your neighbours, teacher, or homeschool group.

(Oh, and "Thanks!" if you do!)

Your friend Spikey

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