Colour the Snowman!

by Spikey

posted on November 23, 2014 in Colouring Sheets

Colour the snowman!Have you seen how much it's been snowing in some places these days? There's been enough snow to make a big snowman!

So it seems like a good time to bring out this colouring sheet that Marian found the other day when she was rummaging through her old drawings.

Click on the black-and-white picture to see a big copy of the colouring sheet. Then right-click on that and select "Save Image As..." to download it to your computer. You can print it out to colour it.

Now, you may think that you can't colour a snowman because snow is just white and so is the paper. Right?

But look again. Have you ever noticed how shadows on snow look blue?

Here's how you can make the shadows on the snowy parts: don't put blue everywhere, just near the edges where the shadows would be. There wouldn't be a shadow on the side that the light is coming from, just on the side away from the light, and also underneath. See how Marian made them in the second coloured picture? It's very light blue, just enough to make the snow look a little more like a ball.

Coloured-in snowman Coloured-in snowman with shadows

And while you're at it, why not give the other colours some darker and lighter spots too? How about making the sky be a sunset instead of all blue? And how about giving the fox some black feet and ears and a white patch on its chest? That's what foxes look like, after all -- they're not just one colour. So why not get fancy with your colouring?

Have fun in the snow!

Spikey the Caboodle Kid Your friend, Spikey

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