The Rules

This is a site for children. To keep this whole kit and caboodle safe and friendly, there are certain rules that everyone who uses the site needs to follow. If you don't agree to follow these rules, then you should not use the site. If you break a rule, you might get banned.

Be Private and Safe

Be very careful not to post personal information in any public part of the site. Some of the Caboodles (Groups) are public, others are private. Some parts of your profile are public, others are private. You can set the privacy level of each part of your profile.

Make sure you get permission from your parents before sharing any personal information with anyone, even in the private parts of the site, even with people that have become your online friends.

Personal information would be anything like your real name, address or phone number, age or birthday, details or pictures of yourself or your home or family or friends or school, or anything that gives enough clues about you that someone could find you in real life or bully you online.

Be Friendly and Respectful

Just because you're not talking with someone in person and can't see their face, doesn't mean they're not a real person with real feelings. So don't post anything that would hurt someone's feelings or make fun of them or embarrass them. Don't be mean. Don't be a bully.

Don't post anything about other people that they don't want you to post, like their picture or personal information, especially if it makes them less safe and private.

Don't say nasty things about groups of people either, like people of other races or religions or from other countries, or boys or girls or homosexuals, or any other group.

Don't use language that other people might find offensive, like swear words. Different families have different ideas about what words are okay to say, so avoid any words that might be a problem.

Don't Break Any Laws

Don't post anything that you don't have permission to post, like copyrighted pictures or copyrighted writing.

Don't post illegal stuff, like pirated files.

Don't break any other laws either.

Get Permission

You need your parents' permission to use this site. Check with your parents about how often they want you to let them know what you're saying and doing on the site.